Affordable Equipment Cart

If you are hauling your gear around by hand and taking multiple trips between setups, you are doing it wrong. There s a lot of wasted time spent lugging around the various light stands, sand bags, tripods, pelican cases and so on. I remember the shoot before I bought this cart, I had to ice my back at the end of each day from all the gear we pointlessly had to wear out over.

There are many types of carts specifically designed for filmmaking, but like most things purpose built for the motion picture industry, they’re relatively expensive.

There is so much exciting new gear announced every year that can greatly increase ones production value, so with that said – a $1,000 equipment cart should be at the bottom of your list. But that doesn’t mean you should break your back carrying around all your equipment on various locations.

There is a cheaper alternative, and its prime eligible. Let me introduce you to my new best friend, the Rock N’ Roller RT12. This multi cart is capable of a max load of up to 500lbs!


buy_amazon_buttonRock and Roller Multi-Cart, Model R12

The cart works perfectly to carry most all of our interview equipment. Some items pictured above are a Kessler Crane bag carrying our light stands and c-stands. Whether you’re a videographer, sound tech, small production-company, DJ, heck anyone that needs to carry gear,  you will likely find a configuration that works best for you. Also, it’s ultra portable enabling you to not waste space bringing it every time!

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